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Just found out about Nim

So I just found out about Nim(https://nim-lang.org) today. I've mainly been working with Go for the last year and a half and have been pretty happy with it so far, however I've been looking to broaded my horizons by learning a new language while also contributing to an open source project and ran into a hacker news post about nim (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18559449), nothing interesting but the feature list that's offered by Nim on it's website peaked my interest.

The ability to write client-side and server-side code in the same language is always something that I've liked the idea of, but rarely do I find a language that I think executes it very well, wether Nim is an exception to th, I am not yet sure since I haven't gone too indepth but I hope so. I'll probably try writing some really simple emulators and API clients in it at first and move from there.

I took a spin through the standard library and it seems very underdeveloped at the moment, compared to major growing languages such as Rust and Go that is, so there's a lot of room to contribute. The community also seems to be fairly active but not as fast paced as Rust or Go's.

Anyway this was just be making a short ramble about something cool I bumped into, if I like it I'll probably start contributing to it and maybe write some more posts about it.

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